Novartis Consumer Health is marketing what it claims is the first nicotine replacement gum to really look, feel and taste like ordinary chewing gum.
On shelf now, the new Nicotinell coated variant promises a sugar-free crunch similar to mainstream gum pellets and a texture that stays non-rubbery' during the recommended 20 minutes' chewing time. It comes in mint and fruit flavours in 2mg and 4mg strengths.
Marketing manager Margaret Young said improved taste and texture would overcome the main problems people found with nicotine chewing gum. "They chew another product for five or 10 minutes and then, because it tastes and feels unpleasant, they spit it out. They don't get the full nicotine hit and give up trying to quit."
A £3m marketing campaign, scheduled for the winter ­ the peak stop smoking resolution' season ­ will feature national TV and press ads and echo the brand's familiar It needn't be hell with Nicotinell' strapline.