Leaked minutes from the month’s government’s GM Committee meeting this month have angered organic body the Soil Association.
If commercial GM crop production gets the go-ahead, contamination of organic crops will mean its organic standards will be contravened, the document suggests.
Currently, EU labelling rules forbid deliberate use of GM in food, but allow GM pollution up to 0.9%. The Soil Association standard for organic food is the lowest level of detection at 0.1%.
The leaked report states: “A lower threshold for organic should not be ruled out immediately. The government should consult on its feasibility on a crop-by-crop basis.”
SA policy director Peter Melchett said the plans were “bizarre even by Defra’s standards”.
“This is nonsense. The government is desperate to find a way to allow GM companies to contaminate organic crops and food while pretending to safeguard organic food and consumers’ right to choose.”