Sir; Concerning a report in the Daily Express of March 29 ­ "Alco pops aimed at pre-teens says report"): My company is a producer of "Alco pops" (RTDs, or PPSs). Since 1996 the industry has been regulated by the Portman Group which, with the co-operation of th drinks industry, will outlaw any product aimed at under 18s. The report names a number of alcoholic drinks ­ none of them "alco pops" which are comparatively more expensive than beer, wine & cider. Our brand VK Vodka Kick has 4% alcohol ­ equivalent to a standard beer and more expensive to produce. Over half of the cost is in duty and tax. We employ 50 people in an area of high unemployment, and hundreds more at our bottle and packing manufacturers. Our export market is booming and these drinks are very British, unlike beers, which are nearly all foreign owned or imported. We should be praising a British success story instead of knocking. The industry has put its house order; please give us a fair press. Steven Garcia Perez Managing director GBL International Ltd Clay Cross Derbyshire {{LETTERS }}