Euro Ice Cream plans to introduce ethnic flavours into the freezers of independent retailers as it aims to spread distribution of its Indian and Oriental ice cream desserts beyond Indian and Chinese restaurants. The Indian Kulfi range of ice cream is positioned as having authentic Indian flavouring and comes in a bone china pot with Indian designs. The Khoya Kulfi and Karahi Kulfi retail at £2.99, while Mawa Kulfi (pistachio, almond and mango flavours packed in plastic cones) retails at £4.50 for a pack of six. The Oriental range includes Monkey Pie, which also comes in a bone china pot and has an rsp of £2.99. Traditional flavours include Coconut Lagoon in a coconut shell (rsp £1.99 for two). Bestway has agreed to list the products and Euro Ice Cream is continuing its discussions with Booker and other cash & carries. {{P&P }}