A government inquiry says the food industry wrongly resisted government plans for emergency vaccination at the height of last year's foot and mouth epidemic. The report says the government was on standby to vaccinate cattle on March 27 2001, but food industry groups consulted opposed its plans, saying consumers would not want meat from vaccinated cattle. Strong opposition also came from the NFU which feared retailers would shun vaccinated meat, and export markets would suffer. The Food Standards Agency said vaccinated meat posed no safety risk and would not need special labelling, a view that was supported by the Soil Association and organic producers. The independent FMD inquiry led by Professor Iain Anderson recommends vaccination be used to manage future outbreaks of FMD. Anderson says the government made "minimal" contingency plans and was indecisive as the epidemic raged. It must establish strategy and a consensus on vaccination options with the food industry in advance of any future crisis. {{NEWS }}