For the first time CTNs can access a single online newspaper and magazine database. The Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers has launched the National Title File in partnership with Menzies Distribution and WH Smith News. The service aims to provide details of newspapers and magazines including prices, barcodes, on sale and off-sale dates. The site, which is called, has been designed for weekly updates and aims to include all paid for barcoded publications handled by the UK newstrade. Overseas publications without a UK barcode are excluded as well as daily and Sunday newspapers. But ANMW managing director Terry Perry said the group was looking at including newspaper prices as well as an e-mail alert feature. Perry said: "Multiple head offices like it. We're optimistic independent retail newsagents will use it. About 6,000 independent retail newsagents have EPoS systems, so they will benefit from information on barcode changes." {{NEWS }}