The Fairtrade Foundation is launching a new food endorsement logo across the world to improve consumer awareness of the Fairtrade scheme. The new stamp, which will be used in all 17 countries where products are sold, will also reduce costs for traders and producers who sell to different countries, and facilitate cross-border trade. A Fairtrade survey found only 20% of UK shoppers recognised the existing assurance mark. Although the Fairtrade consumer label stands for the same criteria, standards and monitoring system across the world, to date there have been different logos in different countries. The new standard logo, with a silhouette of someone cheering has been designed to stand out on supermarket shelves. It will be phased in on products sold in the UK from late summer with a transitional period to the end of 2003 as packaging reserves are used up. The first products with the new mark are going on sale in Belgium and France. Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Luxembourg are set to adopt it during this year and next. {{NEWS }}