Convenience retailers in Stockport have been part of a new crime prevention initiative that has reduced robberies in participating shops by 87%.
Backed by the British Retail Consortium, 41 shops in Stockport have adopted the Raid-control standard - a partnership between the police, security services, retail and insurance industries - since 2004. The scheme involves staff training, holding minimal cash, time-delay systems, operating cameras and traceability for stolen cash.
Spar stores in Bramhall and Romiley have joined the crime prevention scheme. Gary Brooks-Adams, who operates the Bramhall store, said he’d had no trouble since he implemented the system last year. “We’d had two armed robberies in a week and I was relieved when police offered me a package to tackle the problem. If the robberies had gone on, I think I might have closed down.”
Romiley Spar manager Josie Salter said she’d seen four robberies in the year before the system was in place. “In one incident customers and staff were hurt,” she said, adding that the robberies had now stopped.