Despite fears that the US terrorist attacks will cause international buyers to stay at home, Anuga, the world's largest food fair, is going ahead as planned in Cologne later this month. Jochen Witt, president and CEO of organiser KolnMesse, said on Thursday: "We cannot allow these terrorists to win ­ and they will win, if they succeed in immobilising and frightening us and preventing the free people of the world from pursuing all that is good and fair, including free enterprise. "It is important not to allow terror to dictate our lifestyles and business activities. "With this in mind, and with the encouragement of political and business leaders of the free world, we are moving ahead with all our scheduled events from October 13 to 17." Witt said that his determination to proceed as planned was also based on the "overwhelming encouragement we are currently receiving from our US exhibitor base and our partner associations in the United States." He said the city of Cologne supports the decision and is working with KolnMesse and the hotel community to ensure a safe and productive environment during the fair. He went on: "Cologne has routinely handled large events requiring special security considerations, among them the World Economic Summit in 1999 where all world leaders were in attendance. "We are working closely with the relevant authorities and security personnel to guarantee the highest level of security." {{NEWS }}