Budget cutbacks and terrorism fears could hit attendances at Anuga, the world's biggest food fair, which opens in Cologne this weekend. Although the organisers insist the show will go ahead as planned, despite the US attacks on Afghanistan, a fall in the number of international buyers is widely predicted. Several UK travel groups said this week that interest in the fair was lower than two years ago. One commented: "Even before the terrible attacks on New York and Washington it was clear that companies, fearing an impending recession, were cutting back and reducing the numbers of buyers who will go to Anuga. "Whereas an importer or multiple might have sent five buyers to the 1999 show, this time they are sending only one or two." As reported last week, organiser KolnMesse said it was pressing ahead with a full show between today (Saturday) and next Wednesday. A spokesman said: "We cannot allow the terrorists to win. "And they will win if they succeed in immobilising and frightening us and preventing the people of the free world from pursuing all that is good and fair, including free enterprise." Speaking before the US began bombing Afghanistan, the spokesman said they were receiving massive support from North American exhibitors and visitors. However the war is expected to at least deter some influential US buyers from flying to Cologne, and there have been reports that certain Middle Eastern retail and foodservice executives will not be attending. {{NEWS }}