Sir; I can sympathise with John Allbright, supporter of British Manufacturers for Quality (Letters, June 15) in his lament at our inertia. Is it apathy, the not-invented-here syndrome or are people frightened of anything just a little bit out of the ordinary?
For more than a decade I've been trying to persuade multiple retailer groups to re-consider the way they tackle the problem of shrinkage.
The original concept, The Shrinkage Challenge, was designed for the old Gateway Foods Group. The project, which was virtually agreed, was shelved
Since then I've tried (and been successful in many cases) to gain presentations with every major group, excluding the Co-op.
But when it comes down to it, no one is prepared to make the decision to try something new.
Meanwhile the country is losing billions in pilferage, collusion and damages.
Malcolm B Wallace
The Bruce-Wallace Agency