Another staff member has been off sick for a long time so the store is short of two full-time staff. Mike and Jane have been putting in long hours to compensate. "We'd almost got sorted and I was looking forward to some time off," says Mike. He's also noticed the shortage is allowing some sneaky shoplifters to steal unnoticed. Mike, however, has appointed a full-time manager who starts work in two weeks which should ease their workload. On another positive note, the pair have received compensation from BT which was a fortnight late in installing the phones, causing problems for the EPoS system. But the money is nowhere near the sum they lost. Turnover has increased, and is approaching £30,000 a week. Footfall is up to more than 8,000, most of whom spend an average of £3-£4. The customer base is largely unchanged, although Mike's pleased more owner-occupiers from the nearby estate are now shopping. The hot food counter is so popular a full-time employee now runs it and is taking about £1,100 a week. Tobacco and alcohol, however, account for £12,500 sales. Easter looks set to be busy, with most staff happy to work for time-and-a-half pay. {{FEATURES }}