Some unexpected good news for UK retailers today with the latest BRC figures showing a jump in sales – thanks in large part to the food trade. The Daily Telegraph reports.

As the FSA kicks off its campaign to lower shoppers’ consumption of saturated fats, there’s news in the Telegraph that millions of otherwise-healthy folks could be put on drugs to lower cholesterol. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail seems genuinely surprised that popping lots of vitamin pills apparently won’t extend your lifespan after all. Fancy that.

If you think things are bad in the UK, the obesity problem is far worse in Mexico (according to the Financial Times, of all places).

Conversely, Danone has slimmed down a bit in recent times under the stewardship of Franck Riboud – the FT runs the rule over his reign and asks what shape the French dairy giant is now in.

If inspirational leaders are your thing, read this profile of rock’n’roll Britvic boss Paul Moody in The Times.

Elsewhere in the FT today, Marks & Spencer spills the beans over its recent Shanghai surprise.

According to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, cauliflower is BACK BACK BACK! But you might prefer to ignore him if you agree with Julie Burchill’s piece last weekend in The Sunday Times – she says TV chefs are a bunch of “status-hungry seat-sniffers” in an article accompanied by a picture of the fragrant Nigella Lawson. Bit harsh?