The Independent reveals the low pay some workers are getting from fruit grower S&A Produce, which works out well below the minimum wage after certain obligatory deductions.

The Indy also warns that the battle to get kids to eat more healthily at school is being lost. The Daily Mirror also takes a look, as does the Daily Mail.

Outside school, there continues to be a north-south divide over who eats the healthier food. The Mail, which obviously does its best heal such divisions, gleefully reports.

Asda has sparked a new petrol price war after cutting its rate for unleaded to below £1. The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian both report.

The Guardian also covers a study from the US that found a low-calorie diet prolongs lifespan… in monkeys, anyway. It might be true for people too.

And the Daily Express says drinks giant Diageo was yesterday on the defensive over plans to close two plants in Scotland – a move that will result in up to 900 jobs being shed.