Should one, or should one not, go to work on an egg? The Daily Mail now says so, after boffins concluded once and for all that the cholesterol contained in eggs is unlikely to cause heart problems.

In the wake of the UK’s brand/own label wars, The Financial Times has news of the latest row between a supplier and a retailer. Belgian giant Delhaize is set to pull 300 Unilever products from its shelves after a disagreement over price.

Danone, the bottler of Evian and Volvic, is looking to up its eco-friendliness quotient with a move to recycle millions of plastic bottles, as reported in The Times.

Sparks are sure to fly on Newsnight this evening after Marks & Spencer, underwear retailer to the stars – and Jeremy Paxman – hiked the price of pants. The Mail and the Daily Telegraph both go with the Paxo angle.

And you’ll never guess what those crazy Russians are up to now – they’re only raising GM goats to produce human breast milk! Seems reasonable enough on reflection.