All the serious papers look back at yesterday’s decision by the Competition Commission to press ahead with its ‘competition test’ proposal to stop Tesco – sorry, dominant retailers in a particular area – crushing local opposition. The Times, Daily Telegraph and the Guardian are all in the game.

Elsewhere, the Guardian reports on the new miracle chocolate from Switzerland that doesn’t melt and won’t make you fat.

The Daily Mail continues its obsession with carrier bags by hailing the admittedly pretty significant cuts in the bags dished out by supermarkets over the past three years. The Guardian and the Sun take a look too.

The Telegraph reports that Asda parent Wal-Mart is set to introduce labels showing the ‘green rating’ of its products to help consumers do the environmental thing.

And the paper also notes that sales of shampoo have fallen during the recession, as people cut back on luxuries such as basic personal hygiene.