While the most authoritative coverage you can get of the latest Marks & Spencer results will be in this week’s edition of The Grocer, rags also covering today’s massive profits drop include the Daily Mail, The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.

The Mail also reports on the Food Standards Agency’s latest move to cut consumers’ salt intake, while The Times takes a different angle. It reckons food producers won’t stand for being told how much salt to put in their stuff any more and are ready to rebel.

As reported elsewhere on this site, Dairy Crest today unveiled falling profits – and so did dairy rival Robert Wiseman, whose numbers are covered in the Daily Mirror, among others.

Elsewhere in the Telegraph, Indian authorities are calling on UK supermarkets including Tesco for help tackling inefficiencies in the emerging superpower’s domestic food supply chain.

And the Daily Express says tea prices are set to rise by 15% from next month due to a global shortage. Perhaps Tesco can help India with that too.