Today’s big news concerns Premier Foods and the Co-op, but there’s been a few other stories knocking around over the weekend.

The plummeting value of the pound has contributed to meat prices climbing by a third in the last year, according to the Daily Mail.

The Mail also reports that marmalade sales have fallen off a cliff in recent years, much to the imaginary chagrin of enthusiasts such as Winston Churchill and Paddington Bear.

And the paper says Whitehall risks infuriating the nation’s curry houses with plans to ban them recruiting chefs from abroad. You’d think the Mail would approve, but there you go.

Elsewhere in ‘Government upsets industry’ news, officials are advising punters that over-the-counter cold medicines for kids may not be as effective as we like to think.

Darjeeling, the so-called ‘champagne of brews’ might be in for a rebranding, The Independent reckoned over the weekend.

Meanwhile, today’s Indy reports that it’s not all plain sailing at the world’s best restaurant – a mysterious illness has broken out among diners at the Fat Duck. Will the Blumenthal-revamped Little Chef now follow suit?