There’s reflection on a clutch of results stories from yesterday – the Financial Times looks at Marks & Spencer, concentrating on the uncertainty over a successor to boss Sir Stuart Rose.

The pink paper also casts a beady eye on Dairy Crest and SSL International.

Others still keen on M&S include The Independent and (inevitably) the Daily Mail, while the Daily Mirror reports that shop staff are set to miss out on their bonuses.

The Sun, meanwhile, has a rather fun mock-up of Rose dressed as the Duke of Wellington for its version of the story, although why isn't entirely clear.

The Times joins the FT in a look back at SSL’s numbers, focusing on a strong performance in Russia.

The Mail is among those looking at the departure of Tate & Lyle boss Ian Ferguson, while in a welcome return for food and drink health-scares, the paper reveals that “too much cola causes paralysis”. God help us.