The Daily Mail reports that cereal makers will have to be more careful in future about the health claims they make of their products.

Elsewhere in the Mail, there’s news that our brave British plums are being “left to rot” in favour of cheap foreign imports, more stark news about dwindling honeybee populations and – most alarming of all – just 10 days left to buy inefficient light-bulbs thanks to those meddling EU mandarins! Apparently some people actually care about this.

Meanwhile, The Times checks in on Asda boss Andy Bond as he embarks upon his marathon bike ride from one end of Britain to the other.

The Independent also reports on the bee crisis and the ‘news’ that people are increasingly eating at home instead of dining out. Which isn’t particularly new at all. Next they'll be claiming there's a recession imminent!

And the Daily Telegraph says the number of folks in hospital for being overweight has hit a new high.