Many small organic and artisan suppliers have been devastated by last week's floods in the south of England with a likely impact on quality, price and quantity for months and years to come. Tamara Schipu, who represents regional suppliers organisation Oxfordshire Food Group, said the impact had been particularly harsh for small suppliers in the affected area, but pointed out that much of the damage on crops had already been done by heavy rainfall earlier in the year. "This is the final nail in the coffin," said Schipu, whose husband runs Tolhurst Organic Produce in Pangbourne. "This has been the worst summer we can remember. We are expecting to lose 40% of our sales." She said that much soil would be rendered infertile. John Davenport, director of Flights Orchard organic box scheme said many crops such as leeks and carrots could not be planted to add to the problems of crops that were underwater and rotting.