It is just as well then that I am not one of those unfortunate folk who have a fear of flying. But I must admit even I was a little alarmed returning from my latest trip. As my Thai Air flight came into the land, over the intercom came that unmistakable theme from the film Titantic. Rather closer to home, at the IGD's Driving Improvement conference, Asda's head of B2B Indira Thambia demonstrated that she knew how to have an audience eating out of her hand. She began her presentation by explaining: "Wal-Mart doesn't speak at these kind of things so we agreed a compromise. One that I wouldn't say anything of any value or use to anybody, and two I wouldn't make my slides available." Wal-Mart suits can rest assured she stuck firmly to her brief. After globe-trotting I finally caught up with World Cup fever on Saturday and decided to invest in an England flag to hang from my window. The Sainsbury store in Kiln Lane, Epsom, seemed a good bet for such a purchase, but no chance. By 1pm Saturday Sainsbury had a major out of stocks on flags with little prospect of a fresh batch in the next day or so. What a missed sales opportunity. I finally acquired a flag from Kingston market late Saturday at the exorbitant price of £5.99. {{COUNTERPOINT }}