Peruvian growers fearful of oversupply Peruvian asparagus growers are becoming increasingly worried as the international winter and spring market shows signs of reaching oversupply. Producer prices have already dropped sharply in the last decade from around $50 per carton to as little as $9. One reason is the continued expansion of the crop in Peru itself where it now account for a fifth of all agricultural exports. Its crop this year will be still some 7% higher reaching 180,000 tonnes, while exports of 35,000 tonnes last season were 5% down. Other countries with an eye on the European market are also producing more. Mexico expects a 8% rise this year and last year specifically targeted the UK. It grows the required green varieties and new plantings and irrigation systems are additionally boosting yields. Europe is also becoming more competitive with Spain now supplying as early as January, helping to establish exports of 20,000 tonnes to the Continent, a 7% rise. While UK production has remained static and even fallen occasionally to some 1,800 tonnes, total annual sales have risen from 5,300 tonnes to 5,800 tonnes in the past three years. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}