The first annual national survey of employment trends in c-stores has been commissioned by the Association of Convenience Stores. It has asked Bournemouth University to undertake the census. A sample of ACS members will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will accompany the regular newsletter next month. Results are due to be published in October. The survey will look at staffing levels, turnover and gender, pay, conditions, and geographical differences. The poll is geared towards establishing what training and development is available to staff, and their opportunities for career progression. Changes will be tracked annually. Results will be used to identify training and development needs in the sector, and develop benchmark criteria. Representative members of all sizes of store across the country will be asked to take part. ACS multiple members, such as Sainsbury's Local, will receive a specially tailored questionnaire. Former ACS chairman Steven Bell of Bells Stores said: "The ACS will become an access point for members on best practice in personnel as it gathers key c-store performance indicators on an annual basis." {{NEWS }}