Interbrew has flexed its marketing muscle to the tune of £10.5m to unveil a set of new TV commercials for Castlemaine XXXX and details of the first ever ad campaign for Hoegaarden.
In a u-turn on its previous plans for the Antipodean brand, which it took on in January, the brewer has dropped the 1980s strapline Australians wouldn't give a Castlemaine XXXX for anything else'.
Eager to restore the beer to its former glory, Interbrew has opted for a new beginning with Australians are Castlemaine XXXX-ing everywhere' to accompany the ads which focus on Aussies' love of travelling and "go-getting" attitude to life.
The ads, which break on TV tomorrow (Sunday), kickstart a £9m programme covering radio and press advertising.
Meanwhile, cinema goers are being targeted by a £1.5m Hoegaarden commercial ­ a figure which Interbrew claims surpasses brewers' past commitment to the speciality sector.
The tagline Hoegaarden. Home of the famous beer..and not much else' reflects the creatives' wry look at the virtues of the Belgium town from where the white beer hails.