Sir John's textbook for turners Sir John Harvey-Jones's turnaround at ICI is a textbook for turners based on eight principles 1. Leadership is the fulcrum. One person or a small, tightly knit group must decide clearly on where the company is going and how it will get there 2. Nothing is sacred. Anything, however hallowed, that stands in the way of recovery and success must be either scrapped or changed 3. Decisions are taken fast and firmly, a shock tactic compared to the usual corporate indecision 4. So are the consequent actions. Equally shocking to the typical corporacy 5. Communication is continuous and comprehensive, inside and outside the company 6. The change is facilitated and symbolised by big, sweeping actions (like Tesco dropping trading stamps) 7. The basics of the business are got right: crisis invariably reveals (as at M&S and Sainsbury) elementary departures from best practice 8. The future lies ahead: the great turnaround artist, however tough the crisis, never sacrifices the future to save the present. {{COVER FEATURE }}