Final stages of merger falling into place UK challenge for Jakobsen Peter Crosskey The winds of change are set to run through DBC, the Danish owned meat and grocery wholesaler, following the appointment of Danish Crown-Vestjyke deputy md Carsten Jakobsen as chairman. While the meat side of the business is profitable, wholesale grocery margins have never been large. While over half its £160m turnover is in groceries, DBC would still make sense as a chill chain operation. The final stages of the Danish Crown-Vestjyske merger are starting to fall into place as the financial year comes to an end this month. Producer co-operatives Tican and Steff-Houlberg have sold their shares in ESS Food and still have about a year to run on their contract with DBI. Meanwhile, Tulip International md Sven Thomsen, a known francophile, is near enough retirement to have bought a wine shop. Jakobsen would doubtless relish the opportunity to fill such a seat, once vacated, but will need to show results in England at DBC. The complicated web of Danish Crown and Vestjyske UK subsidiaries is due for a comprehensive restructuring. It comprises industrial, wholesale retail and manufacturing businesses: a group company with these divisions would make more sense in the long term. {{MEAT }}