Retailers and suppliers face growing scrutiny over badger cull

Farmers and landowners in badger cull areas have been granted an injunction against harassment from certain named individuals

Farmers and landowners who live in the vicinity of the pilot badger cull areas have been granted legal protection by the High Court against ‘harassment’ from protestors opposed to the cull.

The injunction has been granted under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 against a number of named defendants.

It does not prevent peaceful legal protests.

In seeking the injunction, the NFU was not attempting to prevent people from holding legitimate and legal protests. “The injunction is about stopping those intent on totally unacceptable incidents of harassment and threats made against a number of farmers and landowners in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset by those opposed to the badger cull,” said NFU president Peter Kendall.

The injunction prevents those opposed to the cull from carrying out a number of unlawful acts against ‘protected persons’ including farmers in and around the pilot cull areas of Gloucestershire and Somerset as well as the reserve area of Dorset. It also protects individuals involved in the culling, NFU members, staff and officeholders.

It has been reported that the cull is due to commence on Monday but neither Defra nor the NFU have confirmed this.

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