Bahlsen is giving 10 readers the chance to win a 'Deliciously Continental' prize, worth £50.

Even though many people are more health-conscious than ever before, there is still room in kitchen cupboards for much-loved treats - biscuits!

Each winner will receive a selection of Bahlsen's most popular brands. This will include Deloba - a light puff pastry biscuit with a tangy red fruit filling - and its flagship brand, Choco Leibniz. It will also include Hit - two biscuits sandwiching a chocolate cream filling; Messino - Jaffa cakes with a tangy orange fruit jam filling; and First Class - a rich hazelnut praline filling between two wafers, topped with chocolate.

The prize will also include Bahlsen's new product, Crispini - bite-sized snacks topped with chocolate cream, sprinkled with crispies and covered in chocolate. Fill in the coupon on the right.