The ban on Thai poultry meat could prove beneficial to the UK cooked hen meat market, according to the head of the British Poultry Council.
“The hen meat market has been lost through cheap imports,” said Peter Bradnock, the council’s chief executive.
Depending how the situation
develops, UK manufacturers may have to seek other avenues of supply, which could benefit UK hen meat suppliers such as struggling Bronte Foods, which recently went into receivership.
Bradnock warned that the situation needed careful handling to maintain consumer confidence - for example the fact the EU ban applied only to raw Thai chicken, and not cooked meat. Consumers might not see it in such black and white terms, he said.
And it was important to reassure consumers that there was no public health issue, or poultry sales could fall.
Meanwhile Quality Meat Scotland has taken advantage of the situation to encourage consumers to consider eating more meat if the ban led to a reduction in poultry supplies.