Discount chain B&M Retail aims to expand in Wales after the opening of its first shop in the country, in Flint.

Simon Arora, MD of The Grocer Top 50 independent retailer, said he hoped the company could secure up to 20 more UK stores in 2007.

Arora said: "We don't have enough stores in north Wales. Flint is doing well, so we would like more."

The latest store to begin trading in the UK, a former Waitrose, was due to open today in Kidderminster in the Midlands. B&M currently has 29 stores.

Arora said the company was now clocking up annualised sales of £100m, which would catapult it from 15th place into seventh position in The Grocer Top 50 chart. According to the latest Top 50 report, B&M made £69m in sales from 22 stores in its last full financial year.

The company has now converted 12 stores from B&M Retail to B&M Bargains. The plan is to convert all stores within two years. Arora said: "We will move over to the new fascia over a period of time as stores get refreshed and refurbished."