from Tony Weston, the Vegan Society

Sir; Despite a recognition that products promoted by BBC characters to children are far from health promoting (The Grocer, April 10, p6), the BBC still does not seem to grasp what’s needed to tackle obesity and other health problems.

It is great news that salt, sugar and fat will be reduced in licensed products in the next two years and characters will be used to promote healthier fruit and vegetable snacks.

But it is bad news that they state that characters will still promote staple foods such as meat and dairy.

I am intrigued to know which foods containing meat or milk the BBC will find contain the nutrient combinations that kids really need.

The BBC could easily encourage better children’s nutrition by only endorsing healthier plant-based vegan foods as part of a varied and balanced vegan diet. These offer the fibre and other benefits of energy providing complex carbohydrates The American Dietetic Association has confirmed that balanced vegan diets are suitable for all age groups and have many potential advantages compared with the average western diet.