Clarkson will contribute to road tests, features and opinion in addition to the column he has penned since the title, now the market leader, was launched in 1993. In addition to presenting Top Gear, he will also work on other new programmes for the BBC. "The motorist is under attack from all sides, and this gives me the chance to fight back on behalf of all us petrolheads," Clarkson said. "The BBC is a fantastic organisation and I've had 12 very happy years here and I hope there will be many more to come." Adam Waddell, publisher, BBC Top Gear Magazine, adds: "Nobody tells it like it is quite like Jeremy does. His column is anticipated like no other - both by our readers, who love his straight-talking honesty, and by manufacturers, who fear his hard-hitting take on the motor industry." BBC2's Top Gear has been given a complete review and overhaul since its last series ended in December. {{CTN }}