A combination of sky-high temperatures, Wimbledon and the World Cup sent sales of barbecue and snack foods soaring last weekend.

Tesco said sales of its barbecue-related products hit record levels across its stores, with consumers tucking in to nine million fresh sausages and 700,000 bags of salad.

With Wimbledon in full swing, the retailer also sold around 1.5 million tubs of cream and a million punnets of strawberries.

Marks & Spencer said it had ordered in an extra 2.3 million sausage rolls and 750,000 burger buns to meet heightened demand, while Asda said sales of barbecue foods were up 23% on normal levels.

Ahead of England’s ill-fated crunch match against Germany, shoppers purchased 2.8 million pork pies and five million sausages from its stores.

“For every degree of temperature that rises above 24 degrees, we stock 33,000 extra litres of our St George’s Cross Ice Cream,” an Asda spokeswoman told the Metro.

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