EXCLUSIVE Simon Mowbray Upmarket chocolate brand Bendicks is bidding to widen its appeal by taking on the mass selections market. It is launching Mingles, a box of twist-wrapped selection mints, which will be pitched against the likes of Nestlé's Quality Street, Masterfoods' Celebrations and Cadbury's Heroes. The newcomer will be available in four pack sizes ­ 60g, 250g, 330g and 450g ­ from September, costing between 99p and £4.99. Aimed at 25 to 45-year-olds, each one will contain a selection of five different mint and chocolate bite-size treats. Bendicks, a subsidiary of German confectionery giant Storck, plans to invest heavily in the newcomer with a £3m round of pre-Christmas TV advertising breaking in October. Managing director Paul Setfel said the company had already had "great interest" from the multiples during presentations for Christmas listings. He estimated the brand's first year value would be £12m in a twist-wrapped market currently worth around £240m. "This is a big opportunity for Bendicks," he added. "Mingles will have more adult appeal than any other twistwrap on the market. "We are confident of strong distribution from the outset." {{P&P }}