Waveney Health is holding talks with retailers over introducing a new detox patch to the UK.
The company is acting as the distributor for Simply Detox, a foot patch which is said to draw out toxins that accumulate in the body during the day.
According to Waveney, the product has already secured a following among health-conscious consumers in the US, Japan, Korea and Scandinavia.
It is now aiming to get the product into a range of retailers including Boots, Tesco and Waitrose in time for the new year detox season.
Spokeswoman Anna Tonkin said the patches, which come in packs of 10 retailing at £17.99, were based on the principles of Eastern medicine and contained organic agaricus mushroom, Brazilian eucalyptus, the mineral tourmaline and Japanese mineral spring ions.
“We believe there is a strong market here for Simply Detox. It can be used all year round whenever you need a boost.”