Diageo Great Britain has invested in its own £1.5m responsible drinking television adverts, while industry calls for a campaign from the government remain unanswered.
The two advertisements - Many Me and Mirror - are launched this week, based on the concept that drinking too much makes people lose their social currency by spoiling the good time that they and their friends are having.
The Many Me commercial features a man in a bar
considering the directions in which his night out could go: enjoying drinks with friends or drinking too much and becoming unruly. It concludes with the strapline ‘Don’t see a great night wasted’.
Mirror shows a woman at a party who sees herself reflected in various surfaces. Her image differs from her actions and shows her as someone who is drunk. The strapline says: ‘Make sure you like what you see’.
Kate Blakeley, Diageo head of corporate and social responsibility, said: “The campaign shows the downsides of drinking too much and also the more positive social effects of drinking sensibly.”
While the government has funded several anti-drink driving TV commercials, a high-profile long-term campaign to highlight the dangers of binge drinking is still not forthcoming, despite calls from The Portman Group last year.