UK blueberry sales are rising by 200% a year, according to Hargreaves Plants, one of the UK’s leading nurserymen.
MD Rupert Hargreaves said he expected sales to reach £40m this year, compared with £15m two years ago.
In a bid to boost demand, Hargreaves has signed a marketing agreement with Oregon nurserymen and grower Fall Creek - the largest blueberry company in the world - to launch three new Michigan varieties, Liberty, Aurora and Draper, into Europe.
They will become available to UK growers next year, while taking some four years to reach commercial bearing.
Hargreaves Plants also has links with HortResearch New Zealand, which has recently introduced a variety called Nui, As with Liberty, Aurora and Draper, Nui yields large amounts of sweet, large berries.
According to M&S supplier the Dorset Blueberry Company, the UK industry could support an annual planting of 8ha over the next 15 years.