Although my life is one constant whirl of hectic social activity (all in the name of work, you understand) I do occasionally like to put my feet up and relax. So my thanks to those lovely people at the absurdly named PriceWaterhouseCoopers for their kind invitation to this year's Global Ret@iling at Net Speed conference in Paris. Why? Because they allowed me to attend the do from the comfort of my armchair courtesy of a live web viewing. Much to be recommended. Even got in a few moules and a bottle of vin to add to the ambience. New York and Barcelona are next I gather. I shall have to start working on the catering. I also enjoyed watching ­ on television, of course ­ my slightly more energetic colleagues running last weekend's London marathon. They all completed the course in quite decent times ­ in one case partly fuelled by free chocolates from Milk Tray man. There is a downside to all this fevered activity. In short: love handles. As one of my marathon running colleagues kindly pointed out, there does seem to be a lot of it going round in our office (most it round my waist). Still, she claims to have found a cure at this week's Natural Products Show in London. Adipos Forte for men is ­ I kid you not ­ a new natural oral treatment for love handles. The product has undergone exhaustive clinical trials in Italy involving 70 men. Those that took the fat busting pills are said to have noticed a real difference in just eight weeks. Must admit, I tend to believe the best way of getting rid of love handles is by doing some exercise ­ particularly when I saw a pack of pills will cost £30 for 20 days' treatment. Pity there's no cure for cellulite isn't it? {{COUNTERPOINT }}