Suffolk brewer Adnams is hoping two of its bottled offerings will stand out from the crowd after making them taller. Both Broadside Original and Suffolk Strong Bitter have been put in the new-shaped bottles which are slimmer than the offering they replace. They are also darker and boldly embossed with the Adnams logo. A spokesman said the inspiration for the new design actually lay in the past, and was based on an old Adnams bottle and a weathered piece of glass found on the Southwold shore. Both offerings are also available in 500ml cans which match the new look of the bottle label. Rsps for the bottles will be £1.79 for Suffolk Strong Bitter and £1.95 for Broadside Original. A spokesman said: "The stylish new bottles will help both beers stand out from the crowd. "Broadside Original is a fine heart-warming English beer to savour with friends, whereas Suffolk Strong is a refreshing beer of real flavour and delicious served cool." {{DRINKS }}