Sangs has added a new category to bottled water fixtures with Justadash’ sugar-free flavoured concentrates. The clear concentrates in four flavours will be merchandised with sparkling and still spring waters in store. The bottles are already available in Asda in the north and Scotland, and will be rolled out nationwide over the next few weeks. The one litre bottles (rsp 99p) make 5 litres of the finished dilute. Sainsbury and Safeway plan to add them to their drinks rosters early next year. Scottish based Sangs owns MacB, Deveron Valley and Quickfizz brands. Sangs national sales manager Philip McRae said: “The concentrate fits in the clear water section as it is colourless. We hope the way they are merchandised will drive customers to pick up a bottle of spring water to dilute them with, leading to two sales instead of one.” The essence used in four of the seven MacB flavoured spring waters was used for the new range. Flavours available are peach, lemon and lime, pear and apple. {{P&P }}