Following a period of stability, the boxed chocolates market has seen a period of growth during the late 1990s through innovation and new product launches. Growth has particularly stemmed from the family sharing segment, following the launches of Mars Celebrations and Cadbury's Miniature Heroes. The boxed chocolate market is showing reasonable growth and reached an estimated value of £724m in 2000, having grown by 14% in volume terms and 16% in value terms since 1995. Boxed chocolates have shown a higher percentage increase in volume than the chocolate confectionery market overall (6%). In terms of the total chocolate confectionery market, multiple grocers continue to gain market share in the distribution of chocolate confectionery. Supermarkets also have an advantage in that they offer multipacks of the popular brands and, increasingly, are able to offer individual countlines, blocks and selflines in their foyer areas. The foyer of a supermarket is a high potential sales area, with some trade estimates claiming that as many as 30% of superstore customers make a purchase there, rather than going into the main part of the store itself. The main loser is the CTN sector, largely due to a fall in the numbers of both independent and multiple CTNs over the period under review. The boxed chocolate market is highly concentrated around occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day which puts pressure on retailers and manufacturers to innovate constantly. {{P&P }}