Familiarity with a brand is one of the main influences on shoppers making a food purchase, according to research from IGD.
Fifteen per cent of consumers put it at the top of their list, while another 15% identified ingredients as their main priority. Price was the most important for 12%, taste and fat content each came top with 10%, while 2% placed organics top and the same proportion chose GM-free foods. Just 1% prioritised animal welfare.
When consumers eat out however, 24% say taste is the main influence on their choice of food, 14% said it was ingredients and 2% said brand names.
Five per cent ate out to try new foods and IGD business director Richard Hutchins said: "Innovation is a major opportunity for foodservice. Retailers, on the other hand, need to communicate the level of innovation in their products and give confidence to consumers to be able to prepare the same kind of meal at home." The IGD tracker programme is part of its Consumer Watch series.

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