Stevens and Brotherton is bringing out a range of premium quality walnuts under the Harvest Reserve label.

Discovery Foods is to produce and distribute ready-made chapattis under licence from RHM-owned chapatti flour supplier Elephant Atta.

Gum specialist Adams is adding Blueberry to its Bubbaloo range.

New Covent Garden Soup Company's soup of the month is Sunrise - a citrus-tinged, spicy tomato recipe.

Kraft is relaunching its Dairylea Strip Cheese in new packaging, and positioning it as children's first hand held cheese snack.

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys multi-pack range now contains a six-pack of individually-wrapped White Choco Loopy cereal bars and a five-pack of Flapjacks.

Fristi, the new yogurt drink from Friesland, is 99.9% fat free, not 19.9%, as reported in The Grocer last week (July 27, 2002).

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