Today&'s laundry category is worth £1.2bn to UK grocery retailers, with the convenience sector accounting for 10% value share of the market.
There are three main categories - detergents, worth £927m, fabric conditioners, worth £249m, and laundry additives, worth £33m. Biological products account for more than two thirds (68%) of laundry detergent sales in the convenience sector, compared with 32% for non-biological.
With c-stores having grown their share of the market by 4% in the past year, Paul Lettice, P&G&'s trade marketing manager, says: "There is more opportunity for retailers to increase turnover and profitability. It&'s vital to keep reviewing their product offering and stock the best sellers to grow business."
Shoppers choose laundry products by brand ahead of price, promotion or pack size. Clear merchandising and a good product range ensures that lost sales and out of stocks are minimised. P&G has set up the Brand Power initiative, a helpful guide for independent stores.
Don&'t forget the top 70% of sales come from just 30% of brands, so it&'s vital to stock best sellers such as Daz, Britain&'s number one value laundry brand, Ariel, number 2, and Bold 2in1, the fastest growing brand in the category in the past two years.