Sir, The UK government is under pressure to come up with a plan to curb the growing obesity problem, so it's not surprising the Responsibility Deal doesn't sit comfortably with all parties involved ('Responsibility Deal slammed by experts as oversimplistic', The Grocer, 19 March).

It's interesting to see the varied approaches consumer brands are taking with regard to healthy eating legislation, and how they communicate on health with their consumers. While Innocent has published its Orange Report and called publicly for the government to focus on promoting five-a-day, other brands have stayed largely silent.

Healthy diet and lifestyle is a serious concern for consumers, so rather than fight legislation, smart brands and less innately healthy ones should adopt new strategies to tackle the issue quickly. McDonald's has managed a major shift change in perception by engaging with consumers on healthy eating. The brand has evolved tangibly across all consumer touchpoints this isn't a problem that will be solved by clumsily amending on-pack information.

Toby Southgate, MD, The Brand Union