The British Retail Consortium is preparing to conduct a general survey of retail business costs and the impact of red tape. The UK-wide survey will quantify how much regulations from government and government agencies, insurance premiums and crime prevention cost retailers. IN THE MONEY Moneybox has installed 2,132 ATMS across the UK and has a target to fit 4,000 by the end of 2003. SUPER STUFF Dairy Crest's second superdairy' in Severnside, Gloucestershire, will become fully operational in November. Dairy Crest ceo Drummond Hall claimed the 500 million litre capacity site would be the biggest and lowest cost dairy in the country. FIRE HITS PLANT Rathbones Bakeries' Trafford Park muffin and cake bakery plant was seriously damaged when fire broke out last Saturday. A spokesman said future production was being evaluated at the plant, which employs 150 people. nmw up 1op The National Minimum Wage has increased by 10p per hour from October 1 to #4.20 per hour. The development rate for 18 to 21-year-olds went up by the same amount to #3.60. {{NEWS }}