Crime against retailers is at the top of the agenda for the new chairman of the British Retail Consortium. Following a widely publicised attack in which an Asian retailer lost an eye in a brutal robbery this week, David Felwick said tackling crime would be the priority during his two year tenure. "We want the government to help fund and extend retail crime initiatives which have already been proven to work," said Felwick, who took over as BRC chairman on March 11. He said some schemes had managed to cut crime by 30% but added that a holistic approach needed to be taken to cut crime, with everything from drug problems to police admin issues considered. Outgoing BRC chairman Sir David Seiff said it wasn't surprising police were reluctant to respond to retailers' calls for help. "At the moment it takes four and a half hours of paperwork for a policeman to arrest one shop thief." Felwick also pledged to carry on raising the profile of the BRC with the government. He said it was right the industry's voice was increasingly heard given retailing was one of the country's main generators of jobs and a principal driver of economic growth. But he added: "It's disappointing the government does not take us seriously enough." He said the BRC would continue to call for better regulation. "We need common sense measures, well thought through and well planned." {{NEWS }}