A delivery pooling scheme designed to cut the number of heavy goods vehicles in Bristol has been extended after it was found to have reduced lorry journeys in the city centre by 70%.

A pilot over the past 18 months has involved 53 companies including snacks company Julian Graves. HGVs deliver to a consolidation centre on the city outskirts. Smaller vans pick up the goods and deliver to outlets at Broadmead Shopping Centre.

Bristol City Council said the scheme had reduced lorry movement within Bristol by 96,000km and made a sizeable impact on congestion and safety.

Until April of this year the scheme enjoyed European funding but the council has now budgeted £150,000 a year in order to continue to support it.

Julian Graves said the scheme had proved beneficial and it would continue to take advantage of it in the run-up to Christmas.

The project has also attracted interest from West Sussex County Council, which is considering a pilot.