The National Farmers' Union is sending its members to the other end of the supply chain with its Tractor Trail initiative. It is asking members to chart the appearances of the British Farm Standard mark at supermarkets and shops by filling in survey forms as they shop. The results will give the NFU a nationwide picture of the tractor's performance. The form asks for details of fresh meat and produce sporting the British Farm Standard mark, from chicken breasts to prepacked fruit and vegetables. The NFU also aims gather information such as how much frozen and processed food features the mark, as well as the level of promotional material displayed at supermarkets through the Tractor Trail. NFU president Ben Gill said: "We know many farmers and growers are already monitoring what goes on in supermarkets and shops and we appreciate their efforts in getting behind the little red tractor ­ it is their logo." The tractor logo, which was launched seven months ago, is now being used on 500 product lines in 5,000 stores. It is now recognised by one in four people, according to a BBC survey. {{NEWS }}